As of 03.01.2005

DateStart TimeGameVenue
Sat, 25.12.200415:30Preliminary Group B Game 1 - SVK vs. CANGrand Forks Engelstad
Sat, 25.12.200416:00Preliminary Group A Game 2 - BLR vs. CZEThief River Falls Engelstad
Sat, 25.12.200419:30Preliminary Group A Game 3 - RUS vs. USAGrand Forks Engelstad
Sat, 25.12.200419:30Preliminary Group B Game 4 - GER vs. FINThief River Falls Engelstad
Sun, 26.12.200418:00Preliminary Group A Game 5 - SUI vs. BLRGrand Forks Engelstad
Sun, 26.12.200418:00Preliminary Group B Game 6 - SWE vs. GERThief River Falls Engelstad
Mon, 27.12.200415:30Preliminary Group B Game 7 - CAN vs. SWEGrand Forks Engelstad
Mon, 27.12.200416:00Preliminary Group A Game 8 - CZE vs. RUSThief River Falls Engelstad
Mon, 27.12.200419:30Preliminary Group B Game 9 - FIN vs. SVKThief River Falls Engelstad
Mon, 27.12.200420:00Preliminary Group A Game 10 - USA vs. SUIGrand Forks Engelstad
Tue, 28.12.200419:00Preliminary Group B Game 11 - GER vs. CANGrand Forks Engelstad
Tue, 28.12.200419:00Preliminary Group A Game 12 - RUS vs. BLRThief River Falls Engelstad
Wed, 29.12.200415:30Preliminary Group A Game 13 - CZE vs. SUIGrand Forks Engelstad
Wed, 29.12.200416:00Preliminary Group B Game 14 - FIN vs. SWEThief River Falls Engelstad
Wed, 29.12.200419:30Preliminary Group A Game 15 - BLR vs. USAGrand Forks Engelstad
Wed, 29.12.200419:30Preliminary Group B Game 16 - SVK vs. GERThief River Falls Engelstad
Thu, 30.12.200415:30Preliminary Group B Game 17 - CAN vs. FINGrand Forks Engelstad
Thu, 30.12.200416:00Preliminary Group A Game 18 - SUI vs. RUSThief River Falls Engelstad
Thu, 30.12.200419:30Preliminary Group A Game 19 - USA vs. CZEGrand Forks Engelstad
Thu, 30.12.200419:30Preliminary Group B Game 20 - SWE vs. SVKThief River Falls Engelstad
Sat, 01.01.200512:00Relegation Game 21 - SUI vs. GERGrand Forks Engelstad
Sat, 01.01.200515:30Play-offs QF Game 22 - CZE vs. FINGrand Forks Engelstad
Sat, 01.01.200519:30Play-offs QF Game 23 - SWE vs. USAGrand Forks Engelstad
Sun, 02.01.200512:00Relegation Game 24 - SVK vs. BLRGrand Forks Engelstad
Sun, 02.01.200515:30Play-offs SF Game 25 - CAN vs. CZEGrand Forks Engelstad
Sun, 02.01.200519:30Play-offs SF Game 26 - USA vs. RUSGrand Forks Engelstad
Mon, 03.01.200512:00Relegation Game 27 - BLR vs. GERGrand Forks Engelstad
Mon, 03.01.200515:30Relegation Game 28 - SVK vs. SUIGrand Forks Engelstad
Mon, 03.01.200519:30Placement Game 29 - SWE vs. FINGrand Forks Engelstad
Tue, 04.01.200515:00Play-offs Final-Bronze Game 30 - CZE vs. USAGrand Forks Engelstad
Tue, 04.01.200519:00Play-offs Gold-Silver Game 31 - CAN vs. RUSGrand Forks Engelstad

For games beyond the preliminary round, the starting times and venues will be set only after it is determined which teams are competing.
Schedule is subject to change.