City of Bratislava

For the fourth time in history, Bratislava welcomes the IIHF World Championship. The Slovak metropolis has already borne witness to the best of international ice hockey in the past – in 1959, 1992 and also in 1995 when the Ondrej Nepela Stadium saw the Slovak hockey players return to the elite group.


Bratislava is one of the newest capital cities in Europe. Nevertheless, it is a city with more than a rich history of free royal coronations. After the battle of Austerlitz in 1805 “the Peace of Pressburg“ was signed here. Today Bratislava is a dynamically developing Slovak metropolis, full of charming young people who breath in its unique atmosphere as a welcoming city for all.


The greater historical centre features a scattering of beautiful aristocratic residencies which were home to people who built castles and many of them are now open to the public as museums and galleries. The dominant – Bratislava Castle – has a long and colourful history, for example; the 2005 Bush and Putin Summit was held there. The city walls provide amazing views of the medieval old town and the valley of the River Danube.


Over the past ten years a series of four and five-star hotels have been opened in the town and quality accommodation is now readily available. Tourists who do not insist on star treatment and prefer the tourist lodgings are also spoilt for choice.


The city centre is – in addition to live bars and clubs – full of diverse restaurants offering international cuisine – from Slovakia to France, Argentina to Japan – as well as excellent local beer and wine. Bratislava is a meeting place for music-lovers, from jazz through to the mainstream to classics. Bratislavské hudobné slávnosti (Bratislava Music Festival) is included in the calendar of every classical music lovers, other music fans are look forward to the annual Bratislavské džezové slávnosti (Bratislava Jazz Days). The Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra, opera, ballet and drama bring world class performances in the new ’temple’ of the Slovak National Theatre on the bank of the Danube river.


The Slovak metropolis has experienced significant development investment in recent years, which makes it one of the most lucrative cities of European significance. In Europe you will find many cities, but few of them have their own unique atmosphere. Bratislava connected with the blue ribbon of the Danube river with European history, present and future, undoubtedly belongs to them.

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