City of Košice

There is a new member on the list of cities to have hosted the IIHF World Championship – Košice. For the first time in history the second largest city in Slovakia will welcome the best ice hockey teams in the world.

Its convenient location in the eastern part of Slovakia made Košice an important point of call for business trips in the past. At present Košice is a key economic agglomeration, but also a crossroads of tradic routes, supported by a railway junction and an international airport.  

The dominant feature in the metropolis of the East, which lies in the Košice basin in the broad Horná river valley is a Gothic cathedral – St. Elizabeth’s. The historical centre is the largest urban monumental reserve in the Slovak Republic. Moreover, Košice is the first European city that has earned its own list of coats of arms – awarded by King Louis the Great in 1369.

In the city of Košice, which has earned the right to bear the prestigious title of 2013 European Culture Capital, the past and the present merge – and sport is the ideal unifying element. Košice is the birthplace of not only many Slovak personalities, but also international sports personalities. Košice is a city where the carriers of sports personalities who have won and continue to win the most prestigious sporting awards, titles, medals and other successes have developer and peaked.


Košice is the city in which they developed their talents and perfected their sporting mastery – be it ice hockey players, footballers, athletes, handball players, water polo players or basketball players and players from many other disciplines. The oldest European and second oldest world marathon – the International Peace Marathon – has taken place in Košice every year on the first Sunday of October since 1924.


April and May 2011 belong to ice hockey in Košice. For the first time in the history Košice will organize the most prestigious hockey event, drawing the attention of fans from all over the world – the 2011 IIHF World Championship. Košice will welcome all participants – players, guests and fans with open arms to let them know that they are welcome to return to this city of friendly and hospitable people with its original monuments and unique atmosphere anytime.


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