Steel Arena

The Steel Arena – or the Košice Ladislav Troják Stadium to be concise – is a modern multifunctional hall and the home arena of HC Košice team. Archives say that its initial foundations dates back to 1868 when in place of the current arena the local rink was opened. The first artificial ice area at the old Sladovna was built in 1962. In two years time, the local players had two reasons to celebrate: the promotion to the Czechoslovak league and the covered ice stadium.


It is symbolic that the arena got its name after a native of Košice Ladislav Troják (1914 – 1948), the first Slovak and the first Slovak World Champion (1947) in Czechoslovak national team. The Košice team played at the stadium regularly until 1996 winning two Czechoslovak league titles (1986 and 1988) and the first two champions titles of Slovakia (1995 and 1996) until that time. In 1996, the famous arena was gradually destroyed and subsequently phased reconstruction of the stadium began. Thanks to the efforts of the civic association the new stadium gates were officially opened on the 24th February 2006. The result of the reconstruction is an attractive building, which is a pride of Košice and serves to the public. Its aesthetic benefit is proved by the award of Building of the Year.


The Košice Steel Arena is situated in the centre of the eastern Slovak metropolis. A capacity of 8347 and high quality built-in features, restaurants, a buffet chain, VIP skyboxes and a VIP area have all given the stadium the conditions required for the development of Košice hockey whilst providing for the organization of other sports, cultural and social events, in which the biggest stars of sport and show business were presented in the metropolis of eastern Slovakia.


The Košice Arena with its nearly 134 meters long roof arc has had a facelift for the 2011 IIHF World Championship. Spectators are sure to love the new Colosseo info-cube with its 4.6 meter screens. There are also new 66 meter long info straps on the east and west sides. The team dressing rooms have undergone transformations and a new training hall with ten dressing rooms and a capacity of 300 spectators has emerged next to the Steel Arena. The adjacent parking lot is a valuable asset to the stadium.

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