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Photo: from left M.Grendelova, L.Lenar, I.Nemecek, M.Ryba, S.Jankovic

Nothing stands in the way of the 75th IIHF World Championship starting. The Organizing Committee is ready to start what is a great occasion not only for Slovakia, but for the entire hockey world. "Preparations have peaked and we are no longer counting days, but hours. Everything has been prepared since Sunday, flags are waving, advertising vehicles are located next to the ice surface," clarified the chairman of the  2011 IIHF World Championship Organising Committee Igor Nemeček, who went on to say: "If we do not count the Slovak team, the first team to arrive in Bratislava on Tuesday was Germany and the Finnish equipment is here already." On Wednesday afternoon, the plane carrying the Russians landed in Bratislava, the collective underwent a 90-minute workout on the rink neighbouring the Orange Arena.

"On Thursday at 18.30 the first tournament directorate will be held , in which the nomination of individual teams will be announced. The Organizing Committee will also report on the preparations for individual sections of the Championship," said Igor Nemeček, adding: "On Tuesday, the president of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Rene Fasel and other IIHF workers arrived. They are all very satisfied so far."

The Organizing Committee - in one of championship venues; Bratislava - is fine tuning the last details. Since Wednesday morning the press centre has been online. "I believe that although during the World Championship problems usually arise at anytime and anywhere, but everything is resolved quickly," stated Nemeček and went on to say: "The opening ceremony of the championship will be held on Friday evening before the Slovakia - Slovenia game. "


The Organising Committee of the fast upcoming 2011 IIHF World Championship has prepared an interesting program for all the fans in Bratislava . Directly in the Orange Arena itself work is being carried out on the contents of the ad cube which should interest everybody watching individual games at the venue.

"We are attempting to prepare the cube’s features to entertain fans to the maximum, So they take it to heart." Said Marketing director of Organizing Committee Martin Ryba.


For all fans, even those who do not get to the arena itself we have entertainment in the nearby fan village located in the primary school compound on Kalinčiakova Street, entry is free.

"There are large tents there, a concert stage and a huge screen on which will all World Championship games will be streamed. There is also a cushioned artificial playing surface where hockey can be played. We also have various fun booths and stands as well as one of the largest fan tents ever built, "said Martin Ryba. The fan village holds nearly 10 000 people and will be open every game day from 12.00 am till 12.00 pm.

Individual shows will be hosted by Junior and Marcel from Fun Radio. "We have already prepared a list of performers for individual days. We are focusing on the Slovak national team matches. We have arranged performances by Polemic, Vidiek, Chiki liki tu-a, No Name and there will also be one performance from the Príbeh ulice (Street story) musical." said Ryba

The running of the fan village is taken care of by the Organizing Committee. "All are welcome to enjoy the atmosphere. In addition, there will be the possible to buy a variety of official promotional items," said Ryba.

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