Thank you volunteers!

The 2012 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship organizing committee wants to thank all the volunteers who have given their time and knowhow to the event.


Without these dedicated and service-minded people, this event would not have been success. About 800 volunteers in 35 different tasks have brought people in all ages and different background of work and school life together.

“It has been wonderful to see how the volunteers have worked in this event,” says the President of Finnish organizing committee, Kalervo Kummola.
“The games are organized for the players and I can tell that all the participating teams have been more than pleased about the organization of the games. I want to thank on my behalf all the volunteers and wish them all back next year as volunteers.”

Valuable work experience

The General Secretary of the Finnish 2012 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship organization, Mika Sulin, is grateful for the fantastic co-operation between the organizing committee, IIHF and volunteers.

“The volunteers have succeeded over the expectations with their friendliness, positive attitude and language knowledge. It feels like nothing has been impossible. We have also listened the volunteers’ opinions and will take them into account when planning next year’s event.”

Sulin continues by telling that volunteers will also get a lot for themselves.

“The international work experience and new contacts from the event is good and valuable merit for the future events and when applying for a job.”

Only positive feedback

IIHF General Secretary Horst Lichtner has only received positive feedback about the volunteers.

“The atmosphere has been great and the good mood of the volunteers has been very catchy everywhere. The volunteers are the first and the last who visitors, players, reporters and the IIHF Delegations meet. Volunteers are the face of the event together with players,” said Lichtner.

The preliminary round played in Sweden had also hundreds of volunteers.

“We have only positive things to tell about our volunteers to whom we arranged a thank you dinner already last Friday when the games in Sweden ended,” said Lars G. Karlsson, the General Secretary of the Swedish Organizing Committee.

“Everybody got a diploma and a small gift to show our gratitude. We received a very positive response when we asked if they want to be volunteers again next year.”



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