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Canada 2008 teams go retro

ZURICH – Not only the medals will have a retro look. For the first time in the history of the IIHF World Championship, teams will appear in retro jerseys in Canada. This as a tribute to the 100 Year Anniversary of the IIHF.

15 teams will play one preliminary round game with jerseys from past time. Each nation selected the sweaters from what they considered to be a significant year for their national team programs. Only exception is Belarus, which didn’t have a national team before its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

See in which game your team will play dressed in the vintage outfit.

Canada: The split-leaf jersey from 1976 commemorates the inaugural Canada Cup that year, one of international hockey's defining moments. Not surprisingly, it was one of the years the tournament was won by the Canadians. Game: CAN-USA, May 6, 16:30.

Czech Republic: The Czechs are honouring the great Czechoslovakian post-war teams that won World Championship gold in 1947 and 1949 with this retro jersey. And also their players, which were sentenced for alleged treason one year later by the authorities. Game: CZE-ITA, May 6, 19:00.

Denmark: After their tough first World Championship in 1949 including a 0-47 disaster against Canada, Denmark rejoined the program in the ‘60s with this jersey of 1968 and more success. Game: DEN-CZE, May 2, 13:00.

Finland: This is how the Finns were dressed as they hosted the World Championship in 1965, in Tampere, the first time ever. Finland became a top team some years later but the lion has remained. Game: FIN-NOR, May 5, 16:30.

France: The rooster is a proud and noble animal in France as they pay homage to the national animal with their 1968 jerseys. The French played the Olympic Games on home ice in Grenoble that year. Game: FRA-BLR, May 7, 19:00.

Germany: This jersey was worn in 1932 when Germany won Olympic bronze in Lake Placid and also hosted the last separate European Championship in Berlin the same year. Game: GER-FIN, May 3, 16:30.

Italy: Looks like hockey jerseys from 1933 were the inspiration for the Italian men’s football team, who wear a very similar model today. In Prague, they won the first-ever World Championship game (against Romania) that year. Game: ITA-DEN, May 4, 19:00.

Latvia: Before the Soviet times, independent Latvia introduced this V-neck jersey in international hockey. Latvia participated in World Championships 1933-1939 during this time before the 1993 comeback. Game: LAT-CAN, May 4, 16:30.

Norway: Many Scandinavian club teams went for the New York Rangers look in the mid-60s, so did the Norwegian national squad. Game: NOR-GER, May 7, 20:15.

Russia: The Russians had many successful years to choose from but went for their 1956 Soviet roots when the team won its first Olympic gold in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy. Just the old CCCP is replaced with Rossiya. Game: RUS-ITA, May 2, 19:00.

Slovakia: This 1946 jersey reflects the era when Slovakia had an independent hockey program within Czechoslovakia. Nevertheless, the Slovaks had to wait until the 1994 Olympics to see their team playing in a top event. Game: SVK-GER, May 5, 20:15.

Slovenia: The jersey goes back to the ‘60s, the most successful time of the Yugoslavian national team, which was dominated by Slovenes. The 1966 World Championship took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital. Game: SLO-LAT, May 6, 20:15.

Sweden: Some things never change, like the three crowns on the Swedish jersey, shown here in 1957 when the team won World Championship gold in Moscow. It was the second gold after 1953 for Tre Kronor. Game: SWE-SUI, May 7, 13:00.

Switzerland: The Swiss chose this classic uniform from an era when they were the best team in Europe (1926) and won the Olympic bronze (1928) on home ice in St. Moritz. It will be the oldest outfit of the vintage jersey program. Game: SUI-FRA, May 3, 19:00.

United States: It was the first miracle on ice – and the often forgotten one – when the Americans won the Olympic gold on home ice in 1960. The Americans couldn’t have chosen a better event than the Hollywood-making Lake Placid legend. Game: USA-LAT, May 2, 20:15.

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