Operational Areas


Accreditation is a crucial part of the event and the backbone of security that controls access to areas that the Organizing Committee is responsible for. The accreditation department will provide personalized identification cards (Accreditation Cards) for all officials, teams, media representatives, volunteers and service providers. A volunteer in this department will greet people who have applied for accreditations and will be responsible for the production and issuing of the accreditation cards.



This area is responsible for all the ceremonies at the 2010 IIHF World Championship (player awards, referees, etc.). The Ceremonies/Protocol team will assist the chief of ceremonies by escorting VIP`s and players to the ceremonies and organizing the ceremonies.


Competition management

This covers all game-related issues, such as statistics, the rink management, ice preparation, doping control or cabin service. As a volunteer, you will assist the competition management to ensure the operation of all games and to create optimal conditions for the teams.


Congress (Cologne)

The 2010 Annual Congress of the International Ice Hockey Federation will be held in Cologne during the 2010 IIHF World Championship. As a volunteer, you will support the congress organizers by welcoming the participants, handing out information and assisting the participants with the technical equipment such as headsets, microphones etc..



In the VIP area delegates, officials, sponsors and other VIP´s meet. The central tasks of volunteers working in this area are to welcome guests, distribute information and support the overall organization.


Hotel Services

The hotel services area is responsible for the support of officials, guests etc. in their hotels. Volunteers will work as personal points of contact, distribute information, coordinate the shuttle service during their stay in the hotels.


Management of electronic equipment

For the smooth operations of the event a significant amount of electronic equipment is needed. As a volunteer you support the set up, storage, dismantling and maintenance of laptops, printers, monitors, etc.


Media Service

In every arena there will be a media centre which is the "base" for all journalists, photographers and broadcasters from across the globe. The media will depend on your help and services to be able to work and inform their customers about the 2010 IIHF World Championship. As a media volunteer you will be the face of your country in the eyes of the journalist and you will get a unique insight into what goes on behind the scenes.


Team Host

As a team host you will accompany the participating teams during the tournament from arrival to departure. For the position as the host team are special conditions to be fulfilled: the language of each participating country, as well as good knowledge of English, availability and extremely high operational readiness. You will be required as contact between the team and the Organizing Committee and to assist e.g. with language interpretation from German or English to any of the foreign language(s) and vice versa. In addition you are expected to be courteous, friendly, and approachable. The advantage is that you will have the unique opportunity of working with and meeting a national ice hockey team.



The ticketing department co-ordinates all relevant processes related to game tickets. As a ticketing volunteer it is expected from you to be friendly, approachable, service minded and attentive. Volunteers will assist the ticketing managers in the ticketing centre and will also assist in game day operations at the arena.



Volunteers will be assigned to a wide range of interesting tasks throughout this transportation network. As shuttle service drivers for our official guests from around the world, you will make an important contribution to the tournament. Those volunteers with relevant experience will help maintain our vehicle fleet, or act as assistants to our professional transport managers.

A transport volunteer will be the first point of contact with delegates and spectators and are thus expected to be very friendly and kind.


Volunteer Uniform Centre

All volunteer uniforms have to be administrated and distributed by the volunteer uniform centre. As a volunteer assisting with the uniform centre you are responsible for planning and coordination of the uniform allocation.

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