USA back on the throne

WW18: Americans beat Canada 5-2 in the final[more]

Stora Mossen Stockholm  SwedenThe U.S. won its third gold in four years. Canada won the event last year in Chicago. Photo: Phillip MacCallum / HHOF-IIHF Images
STOCKHOLM – Team USA returned to the throne in the World Women’s U18 Championship, beating Canada 5-2 in the final. Hannah Brandt scored one, and picked up three assists.

It was the third gold for the United States in this category that was staged the fourth year. Canada had won the... [more]

The best European team: Finland

WW18: Finland beats the Czech Republic, nabs bronze, 3-0.[more]

Stora Mossen Stockholm  SwedenSusanna Tapani (left) scored one and added two assists to lead her team to the bronze medals. Photo: Francois Laplante / HHOF-IIHF Images
STOCKHOLM – The battle for bronze was exactly that, a battle. The teams left everything on the ice, but when all was said and done, the bronze medals were hanging around the... [more]

Stänz can dance

WW18: Switzerland’s top players send Japan to Division I[more]

STOCKHOLM – Switzerland’s key players made sure their team stays in the top... [more]



USA crushes Czechs

Canada ready to defend gold

Sweden 5th, Japan refuses to give up

Valkama shoots Finns to semis

Canada, USA ready for semi-final

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