Hockey Forum set to open

Football-crazed Barcelona hosts hockey family during Euro 2012


The Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I in Barcelona is ready to receive the participants of the Hockey Forum. Photo: Szymon Szemberg

BARCELONA – The beautiful game in Barcelona this week features a puck and some ice instead of grass and a ball as the IIHF gets ready to host the first Hockey Forum primarily dedicated to the development of European hockey.

The stage is set for the biggest meeting of European hockey minds in many years as the IIHF prepares to host delegates from around the world. The Hockey Forum runs Tuesday to Thursday, June 12-14, in Barcelona, and aims to involve all stakeholders in an open discussion.

Click here for the 2012 Hockey Forum website.

The primary goals include an open discussion on the current challenges and opportunities primarily in European club ice hockey, notably creating a viable European club competition, but also in how to involve the National Hockey League and its Player’s Association in an effort to grow the game.

The objective is to facilitate the integration of such a tournament into the existing national team schedules and jointly explore way for how the IIHF, the national associations, the leagues and the clubs can all be part of a reformed governance structure.

The decision to host a forum was reached by the IIHF after a hearing with the top-8 European leagues at the end of February.

“We felt that it is time to organize this unique event with all parties who feel they have a stake in ice hockey,” said IIHF President René Fasel. “We want to have an open discussion around some key issues, especially focused on Europe, and to find a common plan about how to go forward.”

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