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Prince Daniel will be a patron

H.R.H. Prince Daniel has accepted to be the patron of the Ice Hockey World Championship in May, 2013, at the Globe Arena. The Prince will attend some of the Games in the Globe Arena.

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The fact that Prince Daniel is a sport enthusiast is now pretty obvious. He attended both the Olympics and the Paralympics this year in London. And in May, the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship will be held in Stockholm and Helsinki. This time the semi-final and the final Games will be played in the Globe Arena, and Prince Daniel will be the patron of this championship. Prince Daniel has always had a big interest in sports, and hockey seems to be the favorite sport. What is it about hockey that fascinates Prince Daniel most? "It is an incredible intense and a fast sport. To succeed as an ice hockey player it requires that you have a good understanding of the game. You cannot relax for a second on the ice because it will get back at you, either physically or letting the opposing team score a goal. That's why hockey is great fun to watch and also, because the momentum can quickly turn around." How many Games do you watch in a season? "I am not sure, but definitely too few, due to my lack off spare time. Last year I had the opportunity to watch quite a lot of games, as AIK reached pretty far into the Elitserien playoff series. I also got to see several games during the Word Championship last season" And now it´s time for another World Championship at home, what are your thoughts? "I am definitely looking forward to next year’s championship. I hope that i will able to see as many games as possible during the tournament" Do you plan to bring your family to some of the games?
"I cannot make any promises, but it is not impossible that Estelle might make her first appearance at a hockey game next year, wearing colorful ear protection. She already got a mini Tre Kronor jersey, which we got from the Swedish world chamion junior Hockey national team when they visited the Royal Palace after coming bck from Calgary last January. How importance do you think it is that Sweden is organizing these kinds of sporting events? "It is very important for Sweden, but it´s also important that they are that it is  financially feasible."
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