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Helsinki ticket sales going well

Ticket sales for the games played in Helsinki are getting along as expected. Russia-Finland (10.5.) and Finland-Austria (11.5.) games have been so far the most popular games.

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Hartwall Areena Helsinki  Suomi

For the Russia-Finland game the lower bowl is almost sold out and there is only a limited number of seats available also in the upper bowl.

"Home team against the prevailing World Champion is bound to be a tough game so it’s no surprise the tickets have sold well," Finnish general secretary Matti Nurminen says.

"The Austria game on the other hand is a good choice for families with young children as it is the only late afternoon game Team Finland will play during the preliminary round."

For the Finland-Austria game there are a few tickets available around the arena, however big groups may no longer be seated together. So far, the sales has reached approximately 30 % of the total target. 

"This was somewhat expected. So far, most of the tickets have been sold to Finnish hockey fans. International sales will start in the winter,"says Nurminen.

"We are just about to start marketing in Russia and it’s interesting to see how interested the Russian fans are to support their team this year, as travelling to Helsinki is easy." Tickets from 19 euros

In the 2013 tournament, there are several ticket categories, depending on the teams on ice. Ticket prices to the games played in Helsinki start from 19 euros. Prices vary depending on the games included in the ticket and seat category. Children between 4 and 12 in age have their own category.

Most of the tickets for the games in Helsinki are sold as two-game day passes. However, single tickets are available to some group stage games and the quarter-finals.

"Getting tickets as day passes is a good deal. Total price for the two tickets is a lot cheaper as day tickets than as single tickets, once they are released closer to the tournament," says Nurminen.

Tickets are available through Lippupiste’s channels, excluding R-kioskis.

Travel packages are sold by the official travel agency Event Travel Finland or one of its partner agencies in the playing countries. Those who want to add a bit of luxury in their visit can purchase hospitality tickets from Infront Finland or rent a private sky box from the organizers.

Tough games ahead

Like last year’s tournament, the 2013 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship will be played in Helsinki (Hartwall Arena) and Stockholm (Globe Arena).

Host country Finland will play its group stage together with 2012 World Champion Russia, silver medallist Slovakia, Germany, Latvia, France, Austria, and the US in Helsinki.  The four best teams will advance to the quarter-finals, to be played within the group in Helsinki.

The other preliminary round group consisting of eight teams – co-host Sweden, Canada, Czech Republic, Belarus, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark and Slovenia – will play their preliminary round and quarter-finals in Stockholm. The semi-finals and medal games will be played in Stockholm.

"We have great teams playing in Helsinki during the preliminary round and only two of them get to travel to Stockholm for the final weekend. We can expect to see tough and exciting games," predicts Nurminen.

More information:
Tickets / Helsinki: www.lippu.fi & +358 600 900 900
Hospitality tickets / Helsinki: www.infrontsports.fi/hospitality
Travel packages / Helsinki: www.event-travel.fi
Sky Box Rental / Helsinki: max.kolu@2013.iihfworlds.com Tickets / Stockholm: www.ticnet.se
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