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Enjoy the games in a Sky Box

Stockholm or Helsinki, Hartwall Arena or Globe Arena – make the most of your experience and enjoy the games from a Sky Box. These Sky Boxes are owned by companies but made available for rent during the 2013 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship.

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At Globe Arena, there are 34 sky boxes. You can choose from newly built boxes, situated on the entrance level right in the audience, or higher up in the arena where you get an overview of the game.

If you and your friends or colleagues would like to be right in the crowd but still have your own box – the lower option is for you. If you rather take in the atmosphere with an overview not missing a detail – the high level sky boxes is your choice. The Globe sky boxes accommodate groups from 10 to 18 people. The rental price varies and game tickets are included in the price while catering is available as an option. In the Hartwall Arena, there are 99 sky boxes owned by companies and private hockey fans. During the World Championship, also the visitors can rent a sky box for their group and thus enjoy the games in their own privacy. Sky Box Rental Service is operated by Max Kolu, a former hockey player now employed by the local organizing committee. "Only a few owners use their sky box for all the games during the World Championship. For those games the sky box is free, we offer rental services to visitors that otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to follow the games in privacy," Kolu explains. Arena sky boxes can accommodate groups from 10 up to 70 people. All have an unobstructed view to the ice rink, balcony-type seating area in the tribune directly attached to a lounge suitable for catering or cocktails. The rental price varies according to the sky box size, location and game. Game tickets are included in the price but catering has to be ordered separately from Restel, the company responsible for all the catering at Hartwall Arena. "Based on our experience last May, the rental service works perfectly and offers different kinds of groups a totally new way to experience the games," says Kolu. Stockholm, Ericsson Globe - Interested in renting a Sky Box for the whole tournament contact helene.grape@globearenas.se / +46 8  600 93 43 Helsinki, Hartwall Arena - Interested in renting a sky box for one game or even for the whole tournament? For more information, please contact: max.kolu@2013.iihfworlds.com / +358 (0)50 597 9040
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