IIHF Council

Presidents, Vice Presidents and Council Members 2016 - 2020

The General Congress elects the President, three Vice Presidents and nine Council Members for a four-year term. The General Secretary is a non-voting member of the IIHF Council. Biographies and portraits of the new IIHF Council will follow soon.

Thomas Wu

 Vice President

Beate Grupp



Beate Grupp  Close Biography
Beate Grupp became one of the two first women to join the IIHF Council at the IIHF Semi-Annual Congress in 2003. She was most recently re elected at the 2012 General Congress in Tokyo, Japan.

Grupp, born on April 5, 1965 in Geislingen, Germany, served as the team doctor of Germany’s national women’s team since for many years. Grupp started practicing medicine in 1992 and in 1995 went on to get her degree with a Sports Medicine emphasis.

Currently, she works in Geislingen with her private practice where she focuses on physical therapy, sports medicine and orthopedics. She speaks English, French and German.

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