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Presidents, Vice Presidents and Council Members 2016 - 2020

The General Congress elects the President, three Vice Presidents and nine Council Members for a four-year term. The General Secretary is a non-voting member of the IIHF Council. Biographies and portraits of the new IIHF Council will follow soon.

René Fasel


Miro Subrt (passed away)



Miroslav Subrt   Close Biography
Miroslav Subrt was born on 16 July 1926 in Vlci u Loun (TCH). After his career as amateur ice hockey player, he became an official.

Subrt was a founding member of HC Hvezda Praha, an ice hockey club specialised for young players. In 1953 he was nominated as member of the International Committee of Czechoslovak Ice Hockey Association, becoming its board member in 1956 and later its president. From 1957 Miro Subrt has been a directorate member at the IIHF World Championship and Olympic Ice Hockey Tournaments. He served as Chairman of the 1959 IIHF World Championship Organising Committee, and was elected that same year to the IIHF Council, becoming its Vice President in 1966.

Miro Subrt stepped down from the IIHF Council during the 2003 IIHF General Congress, becoming the longest serving high-ranked official in ice hockey after working in the sport for half a century. He was named IIHF Life President. Subrt passed away on 5 April, 2012 at age 85.

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