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Who's the most valuable player of the 2009 Worlds?
Jack Johnson (USA)
Niko Kapanen (FIN)
Ilya Kovalchuk (RUS)
Andrei Mezin (BLR)
Martin St. Louis (CAN)
Shea Weber (CAN)

Social program

The main attraction of the 2009 IIHF World Championship is of course the 56 ice hockey games that will be played out from April 24 to May 10, 2009. The Organizing Committee has however additionally put together an attractive social programme. The 2009 IIHF World Championship is intended to be a truly incomparable happening - both on and by the rink. To this end, numerous productions and show acts have been booked that exceed the usual championship entertainment norms by far.

The Event Zones at Berne and Zurich-Kloten open at 1.30 pm. DJs and bands will be assuring entertainment through to the late night hours. Among the bands performing live are Mophisto (Germany), Charing Cross (Switzerland), Newland & friends (Switzerland), Sinplus (Switzerland), The Bunkertunes (Switzerland), WillyTell & sini Buebä (Switzerland), Altor DJ (Switzerland) and Tripping (Switzerland).

The infrastructure at the arenas of Berne and Zurich-Kloten was enhanced for the 2009 World Championship. Apart from newly installed video screens and additional LED walls, purposely built show stages were added for the various performances. Berne is in itself a fully refurbished and expanded arena that awaits its inauguration - in preparation for this major sports event, the 40-year-old Allmend Stadium was upgraded to become a modern ice arena. And in Zurich-Kloten, the arena was given its World Championship make-over in record time after the final Swiss Playoff Finals were held on Easter Monday.

Program fan tent Berne:

13:30h - 19:00h: DJ
19:00h - 19:45h: Live-Band
19:45h - 22:45h: DJ
22:45h - 23:30h: Live-Band
23:30h - 00:45h: DJ
01:00h: closing fan tent/event zone

Event Zone Berne:


Opening hours Event Zone Berne:

  • 24.04.09 13.30h – 01.00h (Bands: Mophisto / DJ)
  • 25.04.09 13.30h – 01.00h (Bands: Tripping / Altor DJ)
  • 26.04.09 13.30h – 01.00h (Bands: Tripping / Charing Cross)
  • 27.04.09 13.30h – 01.00h (Bands: Sinplus / WillyTell & sini Buebä)
  • 28.04.09 13.30h – 01.00h (Bands: WillyTell & sini Buebä / Sinplus)
  • 29.04.09 13.30h – 01.00h (Bands: WillyTell & s. B. / Charing Cross)
  • 30.04.09 13.30h – 01.00h (Bands: Tripping / WillyTell & sini Buebä)
  • 01.05.09 13.30h – 01.00h (Bands: Charing Cross / Mophisto)
  • 02.05.09 13.30h – 01.00h (Bands: Altor DJ / Charing Cross)
  • 03.05.09 10.00h – 01.00h (Bands: Tripping / Altor DJ)
  • 04.05.09 10.00h – 01.00h (Bands: Newland / Mophisto)
  • 05.05.09 closed
  • 06.05.09 13.30h – 01.00h (Bands: Mophisto / Altor DJ)
  • 07.05.09 13.30h – 01.00h (Bands: WillyTell &. / The Bunkertunes)
  • 08.05.09 13.30h – 01.00h (Bands: Sinplus / Tripping)
  • 09.05.09 closed
  • 10.05.09 13.30h – 01.00h (Bands: T. Bunkertunes / Charing Cross)

Subject to change.

Event Zone Zurich-Kloten:


Opening hours Event Zone Zurich-Kloten:

  • 24.04.09 13.30h – 00.00h (Bands: Tripping / Sinplus)
  • 25.04.09 13.30h – 00.00h (Bands: Charing Cross / Mophisto)
  • 26.04.09 13.30h – 00.00h (Bands: Mophisto / Altor DJ)
  • 27.04.09 13.30h – 00.00h (Bands: Newland / Mophisto)
  • 28.04.09 13.30h – 00.00h (Bands: Altor DJ / Mophisto)
  • 29.04.09 13.30h – 00.00h (Bands: Mophisto / Altor DJ)
  • 30.04.09 13.30h – 00.00h (Bands: Sinplus / Newland)
  • 01.05.09 13.30h – 00.00h (Bands: WillyTell & sini Buebä / Tripping)
  • 02.05.09 13.30h – 00.00h (Bands: Tripping / Sinplus)
  • 03.05.09 10.00h – 00.00h (Bands: Sinplus / Mophisto)
  • 04.05.09 10.00h – 00.00h (Bands: Charing Cross / WillyTell & s. B.)


Please note that programme changes may occur on short notice, in particular as regards the bands.

Additional information on the Event Zone in Zurich-Kloten
A wide catering offer awaits fans both outdoors and at the Fan Tent. 
The Fan Tent is located right by the Arena and has a great entertainment programme in store for visitors. The games being played out simultaneously in Berne can be followed in large screen projection. Visitors are welcome here even without a ticket. The Event Zone opens daily at 1:30 pm and only closes at midnight. On May 3 and 4 doors will open at 10 am already as three games are scheduled at the Arena on those days.

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