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Golden homecoming for Team Russia

Team Russia, the defending World Champions, will play the preliminary round this year in Helsinki. In other words, the World Champions return to the very same spot where they earned the gold medals last spring.

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"As travelling to Helsinki is easy for many Russians, we expect this to be like a home tournament to our neighbors - both the team and Russian fans," says Matti Nurminen, the Finnish General Secretary.

"For example from St. Petersburg, there are several train connections per day to Helsinki. The train ride takes only 3,5 hours and there is a stop right next to Hartwall Arena."

The organizers warmly welcome Russian fans to take advantage of the games being played in Helsinki. They also want to make it as easy as possible for Russian fans to buy tickets to their favorite games.

Single tickets to Team Russia games are now available also at the Russian websites www.parter.ru and www.kontramarka.ru - in Russian of course. In addition tickets can be bought from the Finnish ticket operator Lippupiste www.lippu.fi/igra

"At the moment the Russia-Finland game on Friday, May 10, is almost sold out. For the rest of the games, there are still tickets available," Nurminen says.

Those who want to include travel services in their package are asked to contact Russian sports travel agencies or the official travel agency Event Travel Finland. High class hospitality services are provided by Infront Finland and sky box rental service is operated by the organizers.
Tickets for Helsinki:

- single tickets sales in Russia: www.parter.ru & www.kontramarka.ru
- single tickets sales in Finland: www.lippu.fi/igra & +358 600 900 900 Hospitality tickets (incl. tickets & catering): www.infrontsports.fi/hospitality

Travel packages (incl. tickets & accommodation): www.event-travel.fi & Sport Travel Agencies in Russia

Sky Box Rental for one game or whole tournament: max.kolu@2013.iihfworlds.com
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