Macau-Malaysia (March 31)

Macau 1 - Malaysia 7

In the second game of the day, Malaysia opened up the score only 30 seconds after the puck drop. Seven minutes later Malaysia got on the scoreboard again with a puck barely making its way over the goal line under the goalie's pads after a successful drive to the net. With a solo run after 14 minutes and a wrist shot through the traffic two minutes later, Malaysia was up 4-0 after the first period. With five minutes into second period play, Malaysia scored its fifth goal after a 2-1 counter-attack straight from the defensive zone face off followed by Macau scoring its first on a power play two minutes before the second intermission to make it 1-5. In the beginning of the third period, Macau was able to generate some offence, but Malaysia eventually ended up with a goal seven minutes down to period. Malaysia's last goal was finished from the back post to the empty net after fooling both Macau’s defence and the goalie to make it a 1-7 final score.

Photos: Fion Hsu


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