Bronze: China - Chinese Taipei 8-0

It seemed that China learned its lessons in the bronze medal game preview with Chinese Taipei coming into the last day with more emphasis on puck control to avoid turnovers, which kept their opponent hanging in the game the day before. Outshooting Taipei 23-0 in the first period, China kept the pressure at the offensive end with Pangkeng Ting having to perform at his best to keep the score close at 2-0 going into first intermission. In the second period China extended the lead to five goals. The Chinese removed all the offensive tools from their opponents allowing only four shots which kept Zhiwei Liu warm in the Chinese net. Like the day before, it seemed to be Peng Sun and Ling Chen who had the keys to unlock Chinese Taipei’s defence as both scored a hat trick in China’s eight-goal rally to win the bronze medals.

Game Sheet

Photos: Luo Linna


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