IIHF approves Hudler transfer

Czech forward allowed to play with Dynamo Moscow

ZURICH – The IIHF has approved the International Transfer Card (ITC) for player Jiri Hudler, thus allowing his transfer from the Detroit Red Wings (NHL) to Dynamo Moscow of the Kontinental Hockey League (Russia).

In order for the IIHF to approve an ITC, the transfer card must be signed by the former IIHF national member association (in this case USA Hockey), the new (in this case the Ice Hockey Federation of Russia, IHFR) and the player.

The player, Jiri Hudler, filed (through the IHFR) an ITC for the 2009-2010-season on August 5, 2009.

USA Hockey refused to sign the ITC based on the information received from the NHL that the player was still under contract with the Detroit Red Wings and thus an IIHF investigation was launched.

This process, which started in early August and lasted until today, was concluded with the IIHF’s decision that USA Hockey did not submit its appeal brief and evidence within the formal deadlines provided by the IIHF International Transfer Regulations and the IIHF.

The IIHF further comments that, although the IIHF acknowledges that Jiri Hudler filed for a Salary Arbitration under the current NHL-NHLPA Collective Bargaining Agreement, the NHL Salary Arbitration Filing Notice was only signed by the agent and no sufficient evidence was submitted to the IIHF in order to ensure that the filing was done with the consent of the player.

It is the IIHF’s legal understanding that whenever a player wishes to enter into a legally binding contract or agreement, the player needs to either sign the contract/agreement by himself or if he wishes to have it signed by a third party on his behalf, he would first need to entitle this person (by letter of authority or any other empowering document) to do so.

The decision may be appealed by USA Hockey within 7 days. This decision shall remain in effect and shall not be stayed pending the outcome of an appeal.



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