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2018 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship

Print/Photo media accreditation for the 2018 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in Copenhagen and Herning, Denmark can be requested online until Monday, 29th January 2018 at 23:59 CET. 

Click here to access the registration link

For broadcast accreditation (Radio/TV/Websites with audio/video coverage) please contact Infront.

Media hotels can be booked starting from Monday, 8 January, 2018. Booking information for media hotels will be provided with the confirmation email upon registering for accreditation.

For further information or questions please write an e-mail to

2018 IIHF Continental Cup Final

Accreditation for the 2018 IIHF Continental Cup Final in Minsk, Belarus, can be requested until 8 January 2018. Download the form in English or Russian and send it to Requests for radio, TV and websites who want to produce video/audio content shall be sent to


Note: Foreign media representatives (including journalists, photographers, technical staff) should also request temporary accreditation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus to be able to conduct their professional activities in Belarus. Click here for information in English and Russian. To facilitate and speed up the process, the requested letter (PDF format), the application form (in English or Russian) and a photo (JPG format) can be sent to the Belarusian Ice Hockey Association for coverage of the 2018 IIHF Continental Cup Final.


Media representatives from Kazakhstan don't need a visa for Belarus according to the visa-free agreement between the countries. Media representatives and visitors from 80 countries including Italy and the UK can stay in Belarus for up to five days (including arrival and departure days) without a visa if they travel to Minsk with an international flight (and not via Russia). Click here for more information. If you have to stay longer than five days and need a visa, you can contact for further information.



2018 IIHF World Junior Championship

Media accreditation for the 2018 IIHF World Junior Championship in Buffalo, USA, can be requested until 24 November 2017 at noon ET.

Click here to access the application form.

A media hotel is offered. Click here for more information.



2018 IIHF Ice Hockey U18 Women's World Championship

Media accreditation for the 2018 IIHF Ice Hockey U18 Women's World Championship in Dmitrov (Moscow Region), Russia, can be requested until 21st December 2017.

Please complete the application form available in English or Russian and send it to Foreign TV, radio and websites who wish to publish video/audio content please contact the other address in the form.

Media representatives who need a visa can fill the visa support form to get a visa invitation.



Other events

For non-top-division events (Division I, II etc.) that are not listed, please contact the organizing member national association. The contact information can be found here.



Accreditation Approval Criteria to IIHF Tournaments

For IIHF World Championships, the application forms for media accreditation are distributed by the respective national ice hockey association to the following type of media only: (The media types are listed in order of priority)

  1. National news agencies (Example: Reuters, AP, CP, DPA, Itar-TASS, FNB, TT).
  2. National daily newspapers (Example: Die Welt, Aftonbladet, Globe & Mail).
  3. Major regional daily newspapers (Example: Göteborgs-Posten, Basler Zeitung, The Toronto Star).
  4. Major daily sport papers (Example: Sport-Express, Russia, La Gazzeta dello Sport).
  5. Major sport or hockey weeklies (L' Equipe, Sports-Illustrated, The Hockey News).
  6. Major weekly magazine (Example: Der Spiegel, Newsweek).
  7. Major sport or hockey websites (Example:, - Note: No requests from applicants who write for websites which do not regularly cover sports or hockey will be approved.
  8. Other magazines (economic, lifestyle, fashion). Only time-limited accreditations.

In general, one credential per media outlet will be approved. For national news agencies, national daily newspapers the general limit will be three and for major regional newspapers and major daily sport papers the general limit will be two accreditations. Considerations will be given to special requests.

Also special considerations will be given to media of the hosting country and to regional media from hosting cities.

Since it is very difficult to control the validity of the increasing number of applications from freelance journalists, the following rules apply:

Further to the accreditation application, a freelance journalist must submit the following documents to the responsible person at the national association:

  1. Copy of a valid press card from a relevant press association (AIPS, national press association, national sports press association).
  2. List of media outlets that the freelancer will provide with stories, reports.
  3. Written confirmation from the editor of the media outlet that has assigned the freelancer to the IIHF World Championship.

In general, no application requests will be approved to freelance journalists from the organising country.

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