IIHF Council

Presidents, Vice Presidents and Council Members 2016 - 2020

The General Congress elects the President, three Vice Presidents and nine Council Members for a four-year term. The General Secretary is a non-voting member of the IIHF Council. Biographies and portraits of the new IIHF Council will follow soon.

Thomas Wu

 Vice President

Beate Grupp


Thomas Wu   Close Biography

Born on 3 September 1972 in Hong Kong and educated in the U.S., Wu is an established businessman who successfully re-engineered his family’s listed businesses in Hong Kong, leading him to his present position as Managing Director of Hopewell Holdings Limited. He was selected “Young Global Leader” in 2006 by the World Economic Forum and received several awards recognising good corporate governance practices.

Wu is also active in government and sports sectors and helps create synergy among different sectors. He has long been serving different government advisory roles in Hong Kong and China. Thomas localised ice hockey by co-founding the Hong Kong Amateur Hockey Club in 2001, which is now the anchor of hockey development in Hong Kong, and establishing the Hong Kong Academy of Ice Hockey in 2007. He also works with other ice hockey associations in the region on their development.

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