Kalervo Kummola withdraws candidacy

René Fasel now the only individual running for IIHF President


Rene Fasel (left) and Kalervo Kummola.

HELSINKI - Kalervo Kummola, the IIHF Vice-President and President of the Finnish Ice Hockey Association, announced that he is officially withdrawing his candidacy for the position as President of the International Ice Hockey Federation. The IIHF General Congress in Montreal, Canada will elect the president and the council (board) on May 21. The General Congress is the IIHF’s highest legislative body, while the council is the executive body. The president and the council will be elected for a new four-year term, running until 2012. Kummola’s decision leaves current president, René Fasel, as the only person running for the presidency of the world governing body of ice hockey when the General Congress convenes in Montreal on May 20. “After lengthy discussions with René, we agreed that the federation will be better off with us two working together to develop international ice hockey rather than creating a confrontation and a potential rift in our hockey family,” said Kummola who confirmed that he will remain as a candidate for the position as Vice-President, Europe. "It is great to have Kalle to continue as IIHF Vice President Europe. We will look seriously to the concerns presented by some member federations with full transparency," said Fasel. Kummola, born in 1945, has been member of the IIHF council since 1998 and he was elected vice-president in 2003. Fasel, 58, has been member of the IIHF council since 1986 and president since 1994. Fasel is also member of the International Olympic Committee and currently serves as the president of the Coordination Commission for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, Canada.



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