Kink suspended

German forward to miss final match

The IIHF Disciplinary Panel has suspended German forward Marcus Kink for Germany’s final game of the 2014 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship.

The hearing was requested today following a hit to the knee of Russian forward Alexander Ovechkin on 18 May.

The incident occurred in the third period of the game between Russia and Germany. The play began in the Russian zone with Ovechkin advancing the puck towards the blue line. At the same time Kink moved in to check Ovechkin near the top of the blue line. Ovechkin slid the puck to his right avoiding a poke check by Kink, and then cut to his left to avoid the check by the German forward. At that moment the Russian forward’s right leg was hit by Kinks hip, causing Ovechkin to become airborne and then fall to the ice. He required assistance from team medical staff off the ice and did not return to play.

Upon careful review of the hit, the Disciplinary Panel observed that in delivering the hit, Kink has lowered his own body position to a level so as to cause contact with the right knee of Ovechkin. The Russian forward’s efforts to avoid the hit are simultaneous with the hip-to-knee contact by Kink. The missed poke check attempted by Kink caused him to lean forward where the player remained when the two players made contact.

The Disciplinary Panel determined that Kink was in violation of rule 524 b) Clipping. Although Kink did not intentionally target the knee of Ovechkin, the lowering of his body position as the two players collided caused the hip-to-knee contact which is classified as clipping.



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