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Girls' hockey makes strides in northern outpost[more]

A future star? Many new girls tried ice hockey in Akureyri in the north of Iceland.
AKUREYRI, Iceland – It may be the country's second in terms of population, but as far as development of women's hockey is concerned, Akureyri is very much on the forefront in Iceland.

From sagas dating back a thousand years to that of a group of pioneering emigrants that formed the core... [more]

Triumph in Texas

Dallas Stars host three successful girls’ events[more]

Close to 150 Texas girls tried out hockey this weekend courtesy of the NHL's Dallas Stars.
They call Texas the “Lone Star State,” but if the World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend gives any indication, lots of female stars could come out of the Dallas area in the future. [more]

Indonesian hockey on the move

85 girls tried ice hockey for the first time near Jakarta[more]

Five of the Indonesian participants during the World Girls' Ice Hockey Weekend. Photo: FHEI
TANGERANG SELATAN, Indonesia – The interest was huge. 85 girls stepped onto the ice during the Indonesia’s World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend.

Only five of the girls had... [more]

Bulgaria advances

Captain Boyadjiev collects 8 points against Georgia[more]

Bulgaria got its expected win against Georgia and gets a chance in the Olympic Qualification.
SOFIA – Bulgaria won decisively 9-1 (2-1, 3-0, 4-0) against Georgia in the Olympic Qualification Game played Saturday night in the Winter Palace to earn a spot in the next stage... [more]

Global Girls' Game concludes

Celebration in blue after 29 games in 29 countries[more]

The World Girls' Ice Hockey Weekend continued with the second day and the... [more]

Building the game in Belfast

Hopes are high for a girls’ team in Northern Ireland[more]

BELFAST – Playing hockey in Belfast demands dedication. While the Giants, one... [more]

Atlantic pride shines

Newfoundland girls undaunted by power outage[more]

Starship’s “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” came out long before the girls in the... [more]

Welcoming Sodertalje

Girls in focus for historical powerhouse[more]

SODERTALJE, Sweden – Priding itself on its long and successful hockey... [more]




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