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Club teams convene for first edition in Rabat[more]

Moroccan and Spanish juniors played each other in Rabat in 2014. It’s there where the first African Ice Hockey Cup for club teams will be staged this week. Photo: FRMHG
RABAT – With 35°C (95°F) announced today in the Moroccan capital of Rabat, ice hockey may not be the first thing to come in mind for locals and tourists walking through the royal city. But going to the cool ice rink at Mega Mall is exactly what six hockey teams from North Africa will do this week.... [more]

Slovenia’s #9 leaves in style

Tomaz Razingar says goodbye with charity game[more]

Tomaz Razingar says goodbye at a charity game he organized in Bled. Photo: Drago Cvetanovic
BLED, Slovenia – The career of one of the best Slovenian ice hockey players, Tomaz Razingar, officially ended last weekend. The player, who was the country’s flag bearer at the... [more]

The Great Chinese Adventure

Jalasvaara, Yuen talk from Red Star Kunlun’s camp[more]

Preparing for the great Chinese adventure in the KHL: Red Star Kunlun players Zach Yuen and Janne Jalasvaara during the team’s camp in Finland. Photo: Martin Merk
VIERUMAKI, Finland – For Red Star Kunlun the great adventure of the new Chinese club team in the Russian-based Kontinental Hockey League has started this month first off and now... [more]

Emerging from Devil’s Lagoon

Ushuaia is building on pond hockey tradition[more]

Leandro Zahr is one of the players from Argentine club team Nires Ushuaia, which reached the final at the Copa Invernada. Photo: Andy Potts
PUNTA ARENAS, Chile – It started on the ‘Laguna del Diablo’, the Devil’s Lagoon. A small lake on the western edge of town, near the main road, where back in 1979 people in Ushuaia... [more]

Start for Canadian girls

Coaches, players named for U18 women’s team[more]

CALGARY – Hockey Canada has named the coaching staff of the U18 women’s... [more]

Media Accreditation

Applications for Minsk[more]

ZURICH – Media accreditation for the Final Olympic Qualification can now also... [more]

Johnson passes away

Won Olympic gold with the U.S. in 1960[more]

WEST ST. PAUL, USA – Former Olympic gold medal winner Paul Johnson passed away... [more]

Looking for the stars

Top nations work on improving women’s programs[more]

VIERUMAKI – During the 2016 IIHF Women’s High-Performance Camp some of the top... [more]




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