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Qualification host Bulgaria played in Innsbruck 1976[more]

Bulgarian defenceman Georgi Iliev and goalie Petar Radev can’t prevent Czechoslovak star Vladimir Martinec from netting a goal in the Czechoslovaks’ 14-1 win at the 1976 Olympic Winter Games. Photo: Jiri Krulis / CTK
SOFIA – The qualification process for the three open spots in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games Men’s Ice Hockey Tournament starts this weekend in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia.

The Winter Palace will host the qualification game between Bulgaria and Georgia. The winner will advance to... [more]

Planning the future

Ratushny hopes to build a contender in Austria[more]

Ratushny presented a short and long-term development plan to Austrian hockey to the next level. Photo: Andre Ringuette / HHOF-IIHF Images
In July 2014 Daniel Ratushny started his job as the head coach of the Austrian National Team.

His views of how to play successful ice hockey had a huge impact on... [more]

Narrowing the field

Table set for CHL Round of 16[more]

Frolunda Gothenburg eliminated ERC Ingolstadt in a wild comeback win. Photo: Tommy Holl / Alloverpress
The Champions Hockey League Round of 32 wrapped up yesterday with the second leg of games taking place last night to decide who would advance to the next stage of the... [more]

Euro rookies abound

More Russians, less Swedes transfer to NHL[more]

The numbers of Russians transferring to the NHL – pictured Artemi Panarin against Sweden’s Filip Forsberg – has gone up while the Swedish numbers has decreased. Photo: Richard Wolowicz / HHOF-IIHF Images
The National Hockey League season is set to start on Wednesday with cross-Atlantic transfers remaining constant over the last few years. However, there have been significant... [more]

Marjamaki to take over

Successor for Kari Jalonen found[more]

HELSINKI – Lauri Marjamaki will be promoted to serve as head coach of the... [more]

Next round awaits CSKA Sofia

Continental Cup progress for Bulgarians[more]

BELGRADE – Offensive prowess was key in CSKA Sofia’s win of Group A of the... [more]

Moving up

Viedensky wants to improve in KHL and at Worlds[more]

BRATISLAVA – Marek Viedensky belongs to the new generation of players on the... [more]

Rautakorpi in 2017

Finns hire new coach for U20 team[more]

HELSINKI – The Finnish Ice Hockey Association signed a one-year contract with... [more]




Continental Cup begins

Goldobin’s golden dreams

Media accreditation

Games set for Youth Olympics

400 helping hands

Mancini stays with South Africa

Skating the path less traveled

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