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CHL success no surprise for Vienna and Salzburg[more]

Albert Schultz Halle  Vienna  AustriaThe Vienna Capitals (pictured) and Red Bull Salzburg have made headlines early in the CHL season with their fast starts. Photo: Andreas Robanser
The heavily awaited Champions Hockey League competition began with great fanfare in late August and four of the initial six game days have been concluded.

Amongst the biggest surprises thus far have been the outstanding performances and achievements of two of the... [more]

Referee exchange anniversary

After ten years, program will be extended to CHL[more]

In the last ten years referees in Europe have got more international games thanks to the IIHF Referee Exchange Program in seven European countries. Photo: Andre Ringuette / HHOF-IIHF Images
ZURICH – The European Referee Exchange Program celebrates its 10th anniversary by extending its coverage to the Champions Hockey League on top of games officiated by international... [more]

Global weekend for girls

Organize a try-hockey event on 11/12 Oct.[more]

In less than three weeks girls from all over the world will try hockey. Have you registered your event?
ZURICH – The fourth edition of the World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend with thousands of girls being introduced to the sport worldwide is approaching. Click here for more information... [more]

Is bigger better?

Smaller goalie becoming an endangered species in pro hockey[more]

Will shorter-than-average goalkeepers such as Jhonas Enroth become an endangered species in international and NHL hockey? Photo: Richard Wolowicz / HHOF-IIHF Images
The average NHL and Olympic goaltender in 2014 is roughly four centimetres taller than his peers of 20 years ago.

There is an old adage in boxing that says a good big... [more]

Annual Report is here

Season in review and photos - electronic or as book[more]

ZURICH – The 2014 IIHF Annual Report is here. Get the 144-page,... [more]

Canada names candidates

Women’s national team prepares, Bonhomme retires[more]

CALGARY – Hockey Canada named 74 candidates for the women’s national team... [more]

Great Britain united

Scots say no in independence vote[more]

ZURICH – 55.42 per cent of the voters in Scotland have said no to independence... [more]

Korea headed to the Olympics

National teams granted entry to PyeongChang 2018[more]

TENERIFE – The Korean men’s and... [more]



Poland gets Division IA Worlds

Hockey community growing

More Europeans to NHL

Hockey heads back to Sochi

Miroslav Hlinka passes away

Swiss women honoured

More milestones for 2014-15

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