Racing ahead

“The camp has been a huge move forward for the women’s game.”[more]

Some of the girls at this year's high performance camp may play in the 2018 Olympics. Photo: Toni Pylvänäinen / Excella Photo
VIERUMÄKI – All good things come to an end, and so did the week-long women's hockey camp where hundreds of people got together in five different programs: high performance camp, hockey development camp, game officials program, Learn to Play program, and an observer program.

“The camp... [more]

The many hats of Hayley

Wickenheiser is a mentor, ambassador, but still a player first[more]

Hayley Wickenheiser has seen it all in her long career in hockey. Photo: Toni Pylvänäinen / Excella Photo
VIERUMÄKI – Almost every day this past week, Hayley Wickenheiser has hit the ice at six in the morning, to work out and skate on her own because she’s a world-class player, and... [more]

Let’s play hockey!

Number of female hockey players in Finland has doubled since 2006[more]

VIERUMÄKI – In 2006, there were about 2,500 female hockey players in Finland.... [more]



Camp tour

Emma the ambassador

Making better officials

Marathon woman

Coaches’ coaches

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