Hockey Development Camp

158 participants from 5 continents representing 42 nations will be taking advantage of this unique development and educational event. Development programs for the players, team coaches, team managers, equipment managers, and goalkeeper coaches are led by trained IIHF instructors. The Hockey Development Camp will provide theoretical teaching and offer practical use of IIHF Development Programs to the future leaders of women’s ice hockey around the world so that they have a proper understanding of these programs to be able to use them at home.

The IIHF Hockey Development Camp Program is part of the IIHF’s National Association Assistance Program. The intention is to help all National Associations develop hockey in their nations from the developmental stage they are currently at. Beginning in 1999 this year’s camp is the 11th World camp and the fourth for female participants.

The Camp allows member National Association that wishes to participate to come together to develop hockey in a spirit of cooperation and partnership. The key component of the Development Camp is the mixing of teams and participants to create an international learning experience. This is a unique and innovative approach that teaches participants the value of working and learning together in an environment of mutual respect.

The camp program includes seven development program areas that National Associations can participate in. The development areas are:

  1. Player Development
  2. Team Coach Development
  3. Team Manager Development
  4. Equipment Manager Development
  5. Game Officiating Development
  6. Goalkeeper Coach Development
  7. National Association Women’s Hockey Learn to Play Instructor Seminar

The primary purpose of the 2012 IIHF Hockey Development Camp is to operate a leadership program to educate and train the participants. This is done to help participating nations upgrade and operate quality educational programs in their hockey association. Each National Association is encouraged to use the information gained during this camp to improve their development program which is operated within their country. Following completion of the IIHF camp, participants must return home and share their experiences to improve existing educational programs inside their National Associations.

Further to this, the goals of the camp are to:

  • Develop the Partnership between the IIHF and the member National Associations
  • Educate the future leaders of Women’s ice hockey in the member National Associations
  • Encourage Fair Play and Respect
  • Introduction of IIHF Development Programs to National Associations
  • Provide a theoretical understanding and practical use of IIHF Development Programs
  • Encourage the use of the IIHF Development Program resources by National Associations
  • Develop networks amongst the women’s ice hockey family to share issues and find solutions
  • Develop International Relationships
  • Use of the Hockey Development Camp Program inside National Associations
  • Fun and enjoyable experience for all participants


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