Learn to Play Program

A Learn to Play program will focus on providing the tools to the people implementing the recruitment strategies in the home nation aimed specifically at increasing the number of girls playing ice hockey. One of the key elements to the program with 16 participants will be an example of a Girls’ Hockey Day that the participants can then utilize when they run the same event as part of the IIHF World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend in October.

Carrying on from work that was done during the Women’s Leadership Seminars during the 2008 and 2010 Hockey Development Camps this year sees the program move into practical programing with the National Association Women’s Learn to Play Seminar.

Since 2003 HDC’s have operated a Learn to Play Seminar teaching National Association LTP Instructors how to run and operate this type of program. The seminar covers all area’s of Learn to Play and Introduction to Coaching. It will also feature many other aspects of entry level development including Recruitment, organizing a Girls Hockey Day, off-ice operations and following up with players that attend.

Girls` Hockey Days or similar events have become popular programs in many nations and others are interested in using them to increase their numbers of hockey registrations, a program that focuses on teaching how to operate a successful event would allow for this development program to grow quickly.

The Learn to Play Instructor will participate in classroom and on-ice teaching sessions. They will become familiar with the IIHF Introduction to Coaching and Learn to Play education material. The instructors will be expected to prepare presentations for the other LTP instructors.

The Seminar program will include:

  • Overview of the IIHF Introduction to Coaching Level and course operations
  • Overview of the IIHF Learn to Play Program and use of the LTP Practice Manual
  • Classroom presentations
  • Coaching on-ice and off-ice training for U10’s
  • Operating on-ice practices, Cross-ice Hockey & Small Area Games
  • Recruitment and a Recruitment Program
  • Welcome to Ice Hockey Brochure and Leaflet
  • Promotion of Hockey and the LTP
  • Operation of a Girls Hockey Day
  • Organisation and operation of Learn to Play Jamborees


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