Hockey Forum resolutions

Euro stakeholders committed to find solution to main issues[more]

The 2012 Hockey Forum was an event to build on for the stakeholders in European ice hockey. Photo: Martin Merk
ZURICH – Collected and put forward by the 2012 Hockey Forum Observer & Recommendations Group, discussed and accepted by a wide majority of the participants.

Hockey in Europe has reached a tipping point. In a fragmented landscape, clubs want more games; national teams want to protect... [more]

Hockey Forum an eye-opener

Vital conclusions drawn by European stakeholders[more]

More than 150 participants were in Barcelona for the 2012 Hockey Forum to discuss and listen. Photo: Martin Merk
BARCELONA – The 2012 Hockey Forum offered some great presentations and discussions about crucial topics regarding the fragmented landscape of European hockey. At the end, all... [more]

KHL presents plan with 64 teams

Club competition essential, but visions diverge in Europe[more]

BARCELONA – Day two of the Hockey Forum got off to a rousing start this morning... [more]



More changes proposed

Fehr looks to master plan

The business of the game

Panel ends morning session

Learning from each other

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