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Welser, Kaznadei suspended

Austrian and Belarusian player will miss one game each

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STOCKHOLM/HELSINKI – Austria’s forward Daniel Welser and Belarus defenceman Ilya Kaznadei were suspended by the IIHF Disciplinary Panel for separate incidents on Saturday. Both players will miss their respective team’s next games on Monday.

Ilya Kaznadei was suspended for a checking to the head and neck area in accordance with IIHF rule 540a. In Saturday’s game against Norway, Kaznadei delivered a two-handed cross-check to the facial area of the Norwegian player Anders Bastiansen. There was no penalty called on the play.

In the opinion of the Disciplinary Panel, Kaznadei raised his stick, extended his arms and followed through with a cross-check, an action which was deemed as reckless and it endangered the safety of his opponent.

Kaznadei will miss Belarus’ game against Denmark on Monday, May 13.

The incident concerning Daniel Welser occurred in Austria’s game vs. Finland on Saturday, where Welser put his stick between the legs of Finnish defenceman Lasse Kukkonen and drove it into the groin area of the opponent. Welser was assessed a five-minute penalty and a game misconduct on the play.

After a video review, the Disciplinary panel determined that, although Welser did not deliberately attempted to injure his opponent, he was in clear violation of rule 537a “Slashing”, it was a careless and dangerous action, which warrants a one-game suspension.

Welser will miss Austria’s game vs. Russia on Monday, May 13.
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