Thailand-Chinese Taipei (April 3)

Thailand 2 - Chinese Taipei 4

Tension started to increase well before the third game with the home team Chinese Taipei to play against Thailand, which was still the only team that had won all its previous games in the tournament. For most of the first period both teams spent trying to figure out each others intentions and avoiding mistakes. The game plan worked for the home team for almost 17 minutes before they allowed Thailand to get to the rebound to make it 1-0. In the second period, Chinese Taipei started to put more pressure on the Thailand goal and they were able to make it to the goal line, but not past it until being given a power play opportunity. Chinese Taipei scored with a deflected shot from in front of the net at 35:55 to make it one each after two periods. Early in the third period, Chinese Taipei was penalized for delaying the game – an opportunity that was used by Thailand to regain the lead at 43:46. Notwithstanding the goal, Chinese Taipei did not lose its concept, but kept on playing towards the net getting the equalizer at 47:00 and taking a lead only one minute later. Taipei Annex Arena was filled with noise with home team securing its place in the final game of the tournament with their fourth goal three minutes before the end to make it 2-4 final score.

Photos: Fion Hsu


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