Unites Arab Emirates-Chinese Taipei (April 2)

United Arab Emirates 2 - Chinese Taipei 1

The stakes were high in the second game of the day, the United Arab Emirates and Chinese Taipei playing for the standings in Group A, which with regards to the two teams proceeding to the semi-finals was an open deal between three countries. The United Arab Emirates needed at least one point to be able to breathe safely for the rest of the evening. The fact that the tournament was won by Chinese Taipei in 2008 and by the United Arab Emirates in 2009 without Chinese Taipei participating added its own flavour to the game which started with the Emirates doubling their goal count in the tournament by scoring a power play goal from the front of the net after only three minutes of play. The team added another one with a nicely placed top front corner shot after eight minutes of play in the first period to make it 2-0. The United Arab Emirates' net stayed clean for almost 140 minutes in the tournament until Chinese Taipei found a way to get the puck past the goalie on power play with three minutes remaining in the first period. Second period action was a cautious play from both of teams with Chinese Taipei ending up with most of the scoring chances and the Emirati mostly taking a defensive stance. In the third period, the teams didn’t get the puck close to the net. Despite a couple of open netters at both ends, the teams were not able to change the score leaving the crowd in silence with home team's first defeat in the tournament.

Photos: Fion Hsu


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