The IIHF's executive body

Presidents, Vice Presidents and Council Members 2016 - 2020

The General Congress elects the President, three Vice Presidents and nine Council Members for a four-year term. The General Secretary is a non-voting member of the IIHF Council. Biographies and portraits of the new IIHF Council will follow soon.

IIHF President:
Rene Fasel, Switzerland

IIHF Vice Presidents:
Kalervo Kummola, Finland
Bob Nicholson, Canada
Thomas Wu, Hong Kong

IIHF Council members:
Zsuzsanna Kolbenheyer, Hungary
Marta Zawadzka, Poland
Henrik Bach Nielsen, Denmark
Luc Tardif, France
Vladislav Tretiak, Russia
Petr Briza, Czech Republic
Ron DeGregorio, USA
Sergej Gontcharov, Belarus
Franz Reindl, Germany

IIHF General Secretary:
Horst Lichtner, Germany

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