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SOCHI Prediction

After reviewing the teams and the groups, my prediction is that the 3 group leaders will be (in order with highest points & goal diff.):
1. Sweden
2. Russia
3. Canada
and I believe Finland will edge out the other 2nd place teams (not because they are better, but because the US & CZ have tougher groups. So those 4 go directly to quarter-finals.

Out of the qualification round will come:
1. US
2. CZ
3. Slovakia
4. SUI

Sweden beat SUI
Russia beat Slovakia
Canada beat CZ
USA beat Finland

Sweden will beat USA to go to Gold Medal game.

Canada vs Russia. Obviously I want Canada to win. But after the collapse to the Canadians at 2010 Olympics, and this time being in Sochi, I'm thinking Russia just might do it. I believe the winner of this game will win the Gold Medal and the loser will not medal.

So I predict:

Gold - Russia or Canada
Silver - Sweden
Bronze - USA (after Russia vs. Canada, the loser will be so mentally drained that they will find it difficult to compete. While the US will be angry with losing to Sweden and primed for playing their best to win Bronze).
4th Place - Russia or Canada

Now that I have completed that, I'm thinking that if Canada can't win Gold then I would like to see the people of Russia win Gold Medal on home ice. The country would be so proud. And you just gotta love Ovechkin's toothless smile. Sometimes I think that guy plays like a Canadian. ;o)

Posted By: perception8 on Jan 08, 2014 07:38AM


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