Security checks take longer because of forbidden items
by Organizing Committee|15 MAY 2019
photo: Ján Súkup / 2019 IIHF WM

The best ice hockey teams in the world have already played 24 games at the 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. Almost 170,000 fans found their way to the arenas in Bratislava and Kosice. The organizers and security forces are overshadowed by the hockey experience, but play an important role nonetheless. They keep the arenas safe and in order, and carry out security checks at the entrances of both arenas. 

It is forbidden to bring items that could put others in danger, or limit their experience. Forbidden items include: weapons, knives, explosives, poles, knuckle-dusters, whistles, vuvuzelas, sound sprays, megaphones, flashing lights, blinkers, flashlights, laser pointers, electronics with exception of mobile phones, cameras with telephoto lenses, and animals, as well as one’s own food and drinks. 

“We have been informing the fans on the official website of the championship about the forbidden items for a long time. Despite that, they keep coming to the arenas with forbidden items. We are forced to take these items away from fans during the security checks, or we direct them to the luggage drop off. These circumstances make the security checks last longer, and therefore, we ask fans not to bring forbidden items to the games,” said the the Organizing Committee’s Head of Media & Communication, Michaela Grendelova.

The most frequent forbidden items are knives, and nail scissors, but also include, for example, cutlery. “Safety of the fans is paramount. We are doing our best to get everyone inside the arena on time. However, if there is a high number of fans bringing forbidden items to the arena, the security checks will take longer,” added Grendelova.

Despite all the security checks, all fans have, so far, been admitted into the arenas on time. A list of all the forbidden items can be found on the official website of the championship, in the Fan Guide. The organizers advise fans to come to the arenas in advance, so they can undergo the security check. The arenas open 1.5 hours before the beginning of the games.

Instructions and recommendations for fans


  • Arenas open 90 minutes before the first game, and after the end of previous games
  • Everyone entering the arena needs a ticket, including small children
  • The arena will be emptied after each game before fans are allowed in for subsequent games
  • We recommend that fans arrive early, to go through security with plenty of time
  • Fans must have their ID and game ticket with them at all times
  • Fans must sit in the correct seat on the ticket (section, row, seat)
  • Fans who are unruly or clearly intoxicated will not be allowed into arena

Security controls


  • Fans must first pass through security control before being allowed near the arenas. This includes a check for a vaild ticket in accordance with Act no. 1/2014 of the legal code (organizing public sporting events, passing through metal detectors, camera controls, possible control by touch)
  • The second control is at the entrance to the arena – passing through turnstiles
  • Fans are allowed free movement near the arenas, expect for the security zones in the immediate proximity of the arenas
  • Forbidden items (specified below) or large luggage (i.e., luggage that doesn't fit easily under the seat) are not allowed. Small handbags and knapsacks are allowed.
  • Fans aren’t allowed to bring outside food and drink into the arenas
  • Smoking in the arenas is forbidden, but fans are allowed to leave to smoke and then re-enter using turnstiles.

Forbidden items

Forbidden items are specified in accordance with Act no. 1/2014 of the legal code about organizing public sporting events and about changes to and completing other Acts.

Forbidden items are:

  • Guns
  • Explosives
  • Cold weapons, poles, knuckle-duster, and similar items
  • Any food and drink
  • Whistles, vuvuzelas, pressure sound sprays, megaphones, and similar items
  • Items with light which can harm others, notably flashlights, blinkers, flashing lights, laser pointers, and similar items
  • Flags on metal or wooden poles (allowed are flags on plastic poles with a maximum length of 1,5 m)
  • Any items or devices which are able to produce professional audio or audio-video recordings, broadcast or by any other means spread audio or audio-video recordings, news, descriptions, or results of the game entirely or of its part online on any other media, with exception of mobile phones, tablets, and PDA devices
  • Cameras with telescopic lenses
  • Any animals
  • Promo and commercial materials of any kind
  • written, graphic, pictorial, audio or audio-video of texts and statements, pledges, badges, slogans or symbols of groups or movements and their programs or ideologies aimed at suppressing fundamental human rights and freedoms
  • written, graphic, pictorial, audio or visual audio of texts and statements, pledges, badges, slogans or symbols of groups or movements advocating, supporting or inciting hatred, violence or unjustifiably different treatment of a group of persons or an individual for their belonging to a race, the nation, nationality, colour of skin, ethnic group, origin of the family or religious beliefs