The official promo video
by Organizing Committee|03 JAN 2019
Slovak fans in Denmark.
photo: Andrej Galica
It is a short promo video w,hich was prepared in collaboration with the renowned advertising agency Wiktor Leo Burnett. In the video we can see players as well as fans in various situations and expressing various emotions. That is what hockey is about and especially a top world hockey event such as the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship is about strong emotions, both on and off ice.
Slovak republic, hockey republic
Every hockey game starts with a face-off. But it's a game of many faces! Let's face it together!
SVK 29 DEC 2018
"The video captures joy, sadness, tension, desire, and disappointment. Hockey faces of the players and fans are full of emotions when they fight for every inch of ice and for the victory. We pay tribute to the tears of joy and grief, passionate anger and uncontrollable delight. Faces are the celebration of the beauty and the greatness of ice hockey game that is returning back home, to the hockey country,“ Executive Creative Director of the Wiktor Leo Burnett agency, Peter Kacenka, describes the idea of the video.

The organizers will use the new promo video to promote the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship both at home and abroad. That is the reason for having both Slovak and Englishs version of the video. The official length is 60 seconds, but the creators prepared 30 seconds long modification as well.