First finalists determined
by IIHF Esports Team|20 MAY 2020
Screenshot from the qualification tournaments in Latvia.
Kazakhstan, Belarus, Denmark, Latvia, Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland and Slovakia have already found their representatives for the 2020 IIHF Esports Fan Championship.
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20 MAY 2020
Each of the 16 countries from the 2020 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship will play out one national winner each on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the qualifiers. Last Friday's kick-off were the two tournaments for Kazakhstan in NHL™ 20, from which Askar 'Evgeniy Gavrilov' Yedgebayev and Dias 'Dias' Imanshapikh emerged victorious. 'Evgeniy Gavrilov' won 4-2 in the PS4 final against Nursultan 'nursofthekz' Issabekov, thus securing his ticket to the playoffs.

In Belarus, Aliaksandr 'Sonic_BLR' Yalasheuski and Dzmitry 'NEFINOR' Harbounou became the national representatives. 'Sonic_BLR' had defeated Uladzislau 'Dzadzik' Zankavets 4-2 in the final on PlayStation, while 'NEFINOR' advanced to the main round on Xbox with a 10-2 win over Yauheni 'Zhokaboka' Susko

Saturday brought the qualifiers from Denmark, with Martin 'vibholm16' Vibholm and Paw Fonnesbech 'Paw Fonnesbech Christensen' Christensen taking the win. After three consecutive 1-0 successes, 'Vibholm' secured their place in the playoffs on the PlayStation 4 with an impressive 13-0 win over Ronni 'Truckerleer99' Leer. Christensen in turn beat Michael 'Timekiller' Rasmussen 4-3 in the final and prevailed on Xbox One.

Kristers 'chibra' Bauers did the same on the PS4 in the preliminary round of the Latvians: Bauers had to win seven games and in the final he beat Sergejs 'ivandublin' Pantepajevs 7-2. He will be joined in the playoffs by Juris 'snipencelly8' Lopatko, who dominated the qualifier on Xbox. Lopatko left the competition behind with a goal difference of 60-9, and in the final he also put Uldis 'Uldis Pupols' Pupols in place with 7-2.

The first woman in the main round comes from Slovakia

The Czech flag is hoisted at the IIHF Esports Fan Championship by Josef 'Pepcastachurcik1' Stachura and Jaroslav 'J4rincze' Rehor. Stachura showed dominance from the start on Sunday on PlayStation, winning his opening game 22-0. In the final, the quality of the opponents was much more balanced, 'Pepcastachurcik1' narrowly defeated Jindrich 'Henry' Fencl 3-2. Rehor became his Xbox counterpart, qualifying for the playoffs by winning the final against Jakub 'Svicko' Svec (4-0).

The Italian tournaments were won by Mirco 'Tron1x90' Salvi and Riccardo 'Tombrick 091' Tombolato. Salvi had an easy game in the PS4 final against Andrea 'Andre_fox' Volpe, he celebrated a shooting match at 11-1. Tombolato was no less convincing on the Xbox, 'Tombrick 091' secured its success thanks to a clear 9-0 blanking of Nicholas 'Nicholas' Martinelli. 

The Swiss also found a powerful duo in the qualifiers on Monday, Marco 'A lM N3 S Y A' Giamboni and Sven 'OriginaL-SnuS' Julmi will be the faces of the Alpine nation. Giamboni celebrated the last and decisive victory on Xbox One with a 2-1 victory over Reto 'Haldeem' Haldemann. His future partner Julmi, in turn, crowned himself Swiss PS4 champion among the fans. In the final, Steph 'Lazy_Links89' Fornachon (3-2) was no match for him.

The Slovak qualifying tournaments saw a premiere: Sandra 'Lady Brunette' Demitrova was the first woman to secure a playoff ticket on the Xbox. ‘Lady Brunette' decided the exciting final against 'Weatherbook7053' with a 2-1 score in her favour. Demitrova will be joined by the PS4 winner, Anton 'Fenomen036363' Mesko, who made his final game 9-3 against Andrej 'karambasvk' Kutny clearer.

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