Power Rankings
by IIHF.com|28 AUG 2021
With captain Marie-Philip Poulin back in the lineup, Canada stays atop our fifth Power Rankings after downing Germany 7-0 in the 2021 Women’s Worlds quarter-finals.
photo: Matt Zambonin / HHOF-IIHF Images
Heading into the semi-finals, the host Canadians maintain their grip on first place in the fifth edition of our Power Rankings, thanks to their dominant 7-0 win over Germany. The Americans bounce back big-time to grab second place, and Finland moves into third place.
1 CAN MPP + PPG = Good Time Being A Woman
2 USA Fun fact: Hilary won in 2016
3 FIN Offer-sheet Keisala, somebody!
4 SUI Best screams, best anthem, best Sochi vibes
5 CZE We hit a wall – but we’ll make it to the Great Wall
6 ROC As Tolstoy said, “2-0 is the worst lead in hockey”
7 JPN Akane, goddess of scoring off the rush
8 GER Oh, shoot!
9 HUN Halley’s comet: 2061. Haley’s team: 2022
10 DEN Can we play Korea? (Unified or not – we’re easy!)
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The Power Rankings are for the enjoyment of IIHF.com readers, and reflect the progress of teams during the IIHF Ice Hockey Women's World Championship. They are distinct from the official standings and IIHF Women's World Ranking.