Non-winners of draw can buy tickets starting 16 Oct
by Organizing Committee|12 OCT 2021
photo: Minas Panagiotakis / HHOF-IIHF Images
In the draw for the 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Hockey Championship ticket purchase rights, more than 1.6 million ticket requests were made for the games played in Tampere.

All winners of the draw have received more detailed instructions for claiming the tickets. Winners of the draw must claim their tickets no later than 15 October at 12:00 noon (EET). The schedule also applies to those who have been offered alternative tickets. If a person doesn’t claim the tickets they have won, tickets are automatically returned for sale.

Participants who haven’t won in the draw at all or who have been offered alternative tickets will receive an opportunity to purchase unclaimed day tickets. The opportunity to purchase tickets starts on 16 October at 9:00 and ends on 20 October at 12:00 noon (EET). Tickets are not automatically available to all those who have been offered the opportunity to purchase tickets, but tickets are sold on a first come basis. Ticket sales for game days are open as long as there are tickets left.

A separate message will be sent in advance to those participants who have the purchase opportunity. The message will provide more detailed instructions for purchasing tickets. 

Winners of the draw have already claimed a lot of tickets, but there are still some tickets left for all game days in Tampere.

All participants in the draw will be sent a separate message and offered an opportunity to purchase day tickets from 21 to 25 October 2021, if there are tickets left. 

If there are in the end still day tickets left, they will go on sale on 27 October 2021.

Furthermore, day tickets are also available for the games played in Helsinki. Additionally, a limited number of VIP packages are for puchase in Helsinki and also in Tampere.

Ticket schedule:
  • 29 Oct. All the winners of the draw were informed
  • 30 Sep. – 15 Oct. Redemption of ticket purchase rights won in the draw
  • 16-20 Oct. Opportunity to buy tickets for those who have not been entitled to buy desired tickets in the draw
  • 21-25 Oct. Opportunity to buy tickets for everyone in the draw
  • 27Oct. Day tickets for Tampere games on open sale, if there are tickets left
  • Check out the ticket FAQ