Volunteers of the day: 22 May
by Organizing Committee|23 MAY 2022
photo: Suomen Jääkiekkoliitto
Volunteers are rewarded at every game at the 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. Our volunteers play a crucial role at the tournament, since without them, it would be impossible to organize the event at all. The chosen volunteers are rewarded with a small Miracleo mascot, as well as a Volunteer of the Game certificate. 
Sunday’s rewarded volunteers were Miia Paija and Salla Puonti from the off-ice officials team, Kalle Wallin from marketing, and Joonas Ehro from the writing journalists team. 
Miia Paija was rewarded at Sunday’s first game at the Nokia Arena. Miia volunteers as a scorekeeper in the off-ice officials team, in the officials box. 

Miia has a lot of experience in volunteering. “Based on my earlier experiences, I just couldn’t miss this opportunity to be a part of this group, where the people are wonderful, and the job is amazing.” 

Miia’s favourite parts about volunteering are networking and the sense of community, and being able to be a part of such an amazing event. 

Miia’s greetings to her fellow volunteers: “Enjoy every moment!”
Miia Paija
photo: Sara Hukka
Kalle Wallin was rewarded at the second game of the day in Tampere. Kalle volunteers in marketing. His tasks include taking care of the appearance of the tournament theme both at Nokia Arena and at the Fan Zone. “It’s important that the ice hall looks good,” Kalle says. 
When Kalle arrives to his shift at the Nokia Arena, the first thing he does is walk around the arena to make sure that everything is in order. Kalle has volunteered before, for example at the Finnish Sports Gala. Kalle studies Sport Business Management at Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences. 

Kalle says that the best thing about volunteering is being able to see and experience things you couldn’t see or experience anywhere else. “It´s great to be able to network. This will also look good in a CV.” 

“These types of events couldn’t be organized without volunteers.” 
Kalle Wallin
photo: Kisaorganisaatio
Salla Puonti was rewarded in Helsinki during the first game of the day. Before the 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, she has spent six years getting experience as an official at SaiPa games at Lappeenranta. She has also played ice hockey. This is her first time volunteering at an IIHF tournament. 
Salla decided to volunteer when the team leader for the game officials asked her to apply. There was a need for officials, and Salla wanted to experience the tournament. 

Salla has enjoyed the games, even though she has had to work at more games than originally planned. One of Salla’s teammates fell ill, and another one had to get a couple of stitches after getting hit by a puck!  
Salla praises her colleagues and the camaraderie in her team. The officials work hard, but they also keep smiling, and everyone gets along wonderfully. Salla tells other volunteers to also maintain a good team spirit during the games.  

“Remember to enjoy, and maintain a positive attitude, and cheer your teammates if they begin to be tired!” 
Salla Puonti
photo: Olli Kiiski
Joonas Ehro was rewarded at the evening game at the Helsinki Ice Hall. Joonas volunteers as a writing journalist and was recruited to the games from his school. He studies Sports Journalism at Laajasalo.

The writing journalists are responsible for the Finnish content on the iihf.com website, and some of the English content. Their tasks include writing articles such as this, and translating news and game reports, as well as writing stories about the games, among other things. 

“The best part of this has been my team and the international game atmosphere, since fans from all over the world have arrived to Helsinki,” Joonas says. “It’s also fun to see players in real life that you’re used to only seeing on a screen.”
The most unusual thing so far has been the small fire that happened on Thursday during the first week of the games. “Because of that, our day got quite long, and we were a bit all over the place,” Joonas tells us. “It was peculiar to write until the little hours of the night.”
“We are more than halfway done with the games. Let’s remember to enjoy them until the end!”
Joonas Ehro
photo: Olli Kiiski