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Coaching Symposium

International and high-level symposium will be organized on 20 and 21 May during the 2023 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. During the symposium, the speakers will reflect on the best practices from the perspectives of both player and coach development.


Sergio Lara-Bercial will also be the event leader. He is one of the world's leading coaching development professionals. At the seminar in Tampere, Lara-Bercial will share the latest information on talent development. 

Professor Jean Côté’s research has focused on themes related to children's sports and coaching, among other things. In the seminar, he will talk about transformational coaching and how coaches can use it to bring about more impactful development in both players and teams. 

Dr James Vaughan is currently working as a football coach and is doing research aimed at developing coaching. He specializes in developing players' perception of the game and understanding of the game in team sports. He goes through how to improve the coaches’ observation, decision-making and actions of the players.

Cara Morey is the head coach of the women’s ice hockey team The Tigers at Princeton University. She has e.g., helped lead the Tigers to ECAC quarterfinals five times as well the ECAC semifinals. Morey participated in national sports organization Hockey Canada’s female coach development initiative to promote world-class performance and leadership skills.

Mike Snee is the Executive Director of College Hockey, Inc.’s. In this role he guides College Hockey Inc.’s marketing efforts to promote Division I men’s college hockey and its work to help grow the number of institutions offering the sport. Snee is also a member of the Board of Directors of both USA Hockey and U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame. Prior to joining College Hockey Inc. Snee was the Executive Director for Minnesota Hockey. Before joining Minnesota Hockey, Snee spent nine years with Minnesota Sports & Entertainment, the parent company of the NHL’s Minnesota Wild.

Angelica Lindeberg is the Chief Commercial in SDHL (Swedish Women's Hockey League)

Ashley Ehlert is the Deputy General Secretary and a Legal Director in the IIHF.

Location & Registration

The symposium itself will be held in Tampere at Hotel Torni's Congress Centre Paja. Those who will have the accommodation package will stay at the Holiday Inn. Both venues are right next to the Nokia Arena, which serves as the arena for the 2023 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. 

The tickets for the Coaching symposium are now on sale.

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Live Streaming

If you can not be on-site for the Coaching Symposium, you can always sign-up and watch it live.

Click on the Live Streaming link to the right-hand side (further below if you are using a mobile device) and sign-up to watch the Coaching Symposium live.

Symposium Prices

Attending symposium only: 350 €.

Price includes tickets to the 2023 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship games following symposium: 20 May at 16:20 Austria vs. Finland and 21 May at 16:20 Germany vs. Hungary.
Hotel Packages (Holiday Inn Tampere, prices per person) includes the symposium.
1 night: 20–21 May: 450 € (double room), 530 € (single room)
2 nights: 19–21 or 20–22 May: 550 € (double room), 690 € (single room)
3 nights: 19–22 May: 640 € (double room), 840 € (single room)