It’s #WGIHW time
by Martin Merk|15 OCT 2021
Girls had fun at the event in Vancouver in 2019. The World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend is back this weekend.
photo: Vancouver Female Ice Hockey Association
After a pandemic-induced break, the World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend is back for this weekend.

Although the situation with Covid-19 unfortunately still prevents ice hockey from happening in many countries, thousands of women and girls are expected to participate in events in at least 25 countries as part of the global initiative that started ten years ago.

The World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend is a global opportunity for girls and women to try out ice hockey as a new sport. It is a chance for girls and women of any age to come together to learn the basics of ice hockey, play our fantastic sport and just have fun together and make new friends in a team sport.

Events can be organized by national and regional ice hockey associations, leagues, club teams or any group that wants to come together to support the growth of women’s hockey and spreading the word.

Click here for the list of events.
Click here for resources to organize an event.

Want to follow the World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend? You will find a tracker, photos as well as some featured stories on starting on Saturday. Make sure to follow @iihfhockey on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates during the weekend. The official hashtag for the World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend is #WGIHW.