Fasel visits Beijing
by CIHA|11 APR 2019
IIHF President René Fasel and IIHF Vice President Thomas Wu at a ceremonial face-off.
photo: Wang Yi
An IIHF delegation including IIHF President René Fasel and Vice President Thomas Wu visited the Ice Sports Center of the Beijing Sport University on 11 April 11 2019. The delegation was accompanied by the Deputy Secretary General Ms Wang Chunlu, Director of Foreign Affairs Mr Si Liang and working staff of the Chinese Ice Hockey Association.

The ice rink visited today, which is considered as a major action of realizing the “Three Transitions” aim and prompting the preparation for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, has just been put into use recently. The arena adopts an air film steel structure and is equipped with a 60-on-30-metre ice sheet which meets the criteria of the IIHF.

There are also four team dressing rooms, two coach rooms, two referee rooms and a tribune that can accommodate 300 people. The arena has hosted two exhibition games between the Chinese National Women’s Team and a club team from the Czech Republic. While visiting the arena, Fasel and his colleagues watched a training of the team from the Chinese ice hockey college. Fasel had a cordial talk with the players, gave a faceoff and took pictures with the team.

The Chinese Ice Hockey Association has been working on enhancing the professionalism, standardization and scientification of their foreign affairs work by executing a well-round measure of hosting and participating games and increasing the communication and cooperation with the IIHF. On 16 September 2018, Fasel attended the unveiling ceremony of the new association office and encouraged all the people working in the field of ice hockey to grasp opportunities and make endeavors as China won the rights to play at the Olympic ice hockey tournaments as host in 2022. In his visit this time, Fasel suggested that the IIHF will work together with CIHA to make contributions to the development of Chinese ice hockey and realize the goals of “hosting good games and playing good games” and “encouraging 300 million people to participate in ice sports”.

Fasel also went to the games of the 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey Women’s World Championship Division I Group B on 10 April that is currently being held at a new arena in Beijing. Host China is currently in third place while the Netherlands and Poland will battle for the top spot on the last day of play tomorrow.

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