What is Ethics?

Ethics requires a conduct that is in accordance with the principles of dignity, integrity, loyalty and responsibility in all relations of a competitive, economic, social (including social media) and moral nature.

In addition, any acts in a situation in which a conflict of interest exists, or any situation in which a conflict of interest is not declared, constitutes an ethical conduct violation.

Relevant Rules

In addition, the IIHF rules on Ethics can be found in the IIHF Ethics Code.

In addition, the IIHF Gifting Policy sets out the rules on giving and accepting gifts, and details the procedures and responsibilities which come into play in this regard.

Moreover, the IIHF Conflicts of Interest Policy contains the rules for identifying and managing conflicts and potential or perceived conflicts of interests for all persons involved in IIHF activities.

Lastly, the rules applicable to Candidates running for an IIHF elected position can be found in the IIHF Elections Conduct Guidelines.


All concerns regarding Ethical misconduct can at all times be reported to the IIHF on the reporting page.

Investigations and Sanctions

IIHF Investigation process

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