Five sisters for Kuwait
by Martin Merk|18 APR 2019
The Aldayouli Sisters from left to right: Rawan, Maryam, Aishah, Sarah and Khaldah.
Siblings on the same national team are a rarity but have appeared through history, even twins. But the Kuwait women’s national team brings the family affair to a new dimension with five sisters including a triplet!

The triplet of Aishah, Maryam and Sarah were the first kids of the Aldayouli family born on 8 May 1990. The family grew to five daughters with the births of Rawan (1997) and Khaldah (2002). And all of them are part of Kuwait’s first-ever women’s national team in an IIHF competition.
Life is so good with five sisters and no brothers. We are always together like best friends.
Aishah Aldayouli
Kuwaiti women’s national team player
“We are always friendly and tolerant, we are three twins and two sisters, we like ice hockey as a powerful team sport,” Aishah Aldayouli added and promises: “The future of Kuwait women hockey will be great and fun for all hockey lovers.”

The Aldayouli sisters were born and raised in Kuwait. Ice hockey is their life and they play tennis as well. Aishah and her triplet sisters, soon 29 years old, had the first contact with ice hockey 19 years ago and fell in love with the coolest sport on earth despite coming from a desert country. Ice hockey in the country is played at three rinks in Kuwait City and the Kuwait Ice Hockey Association lists 530 players in the sport including 203 women.

The Kuwaiti women’s national team was launched less than two years ago. In the first season the team travelled to camps and tournaments in Asia and Europe and in this second season it for the first time joined an IIHF event with the 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey Women’s Challenge Cup of Asia Division I that takes place not far from home in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Chinese Taipei, Singapore, New Zealand U18, Thailand and Malaysia compete in the top group while the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, India and newcomer Kuwait play in the Division I tournament. Mongolia, another planned newcomer, had to withdraw due to lack of players.

For the Kuwaiti it’s a learning experience. They started the competition with two losses, same as India, and will this evening play for third place and the first win in their last game against the Indians.

“I would like to say It is a great competition, and a pleasure to participate in this championship,” Aishah Aldayouli said.

“We hope to develop our team more and more and we will strive for international partnerships to gain experience and play in beautiful competitions.”