Astana becomes Nur-Sultan
by|20 APR 2019
View of Nur-Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan.
The Kazakh capital until recently known as Astana was renamed into Nur-Sultan.

Until quite recently, if you had told someone in Astana or any other city of Kazakhstan that the capital will be called as Nur-Sultan now, hardly someone would believe you. Everybody got used to Astana, a grammatically female name, and the male Nur-Sultan, especially with a hyphen, seemed unreal. "I’m in transit in Astana... Well, in Nur-Sultan," the man says, hiding a crafty smile in dense moustaches. Wrinkles near his eyes give in it the good-natured person who got used to life to belong philosophically. No, it’s of course not against the new name. Just he did not get used to it yet. But he will.

Everyone gets used to and very quickly. Listen or read the Kazakhstan news – they already use a phrase "in Nur-Sultan". And not only city’s media actively use Nur-Sultan's name, but also regional. For example, a report on TV about how the young athletes living in the small town in the north of Kazakhstan returned from the Astana. Children said: "I was in Nur-Sultan". "Still, when I hear somewhere on TV or radio Nur-Sultan instead of Astana, I shudder," one resident of our country shares opinion on social networks. Many citizens paid attention to SMS notices of weather conditions in which instead of Astana it was written Nur-Sultan.

Popular doctor Komarovsky from Ukraine in the Instagram declares that he will visit Almaty and Nur-Sultan. “No, it is unlikely, it is possible,” the solid skeptic-man says, discussing a subject of renaming of the capital. “I think that this city will not officially be called Nur-Sultan,” he believes. And at once it became clear that he did not read the latest news.

The city administration of the capital already replaced the sign on the building. “Already renamed,” that man of average years familiar tell us, again smiling in all the dense moustaches. “But it is improbable. What will be now?” his interlocutor reacted. That man answered nothing to him. But if talk seriously, you have the answer: nothing will be changed, everything will remain as was.

The name of the city will not affect life of people anyway. As well as to Astana, planes will fly to Nur-Sultan and trains will go. It’s just a name. But, of course, all would like that everything did not remain as is, and it became even better. That Nur-Sultan prospers and not only his most important areas shone, but life on the outskirts improved, and improvement of streets behind quickly growing housing construction was in time.

"The light will win, and differently the city in which name there is a word "nur" (from Kazakh - "light") cannot be," the philosopher already familiar to us mentioned in the beginning notes. It is good, means after all our day will come.