Traffic and safety information
by Organizing Committee|23 DEC 2019
photo: Jiri Zerzon
Traffic and safety advice from the Czech organizing committee for fans coming to the 2020 IIHF World Junior Championship.


General instructions
-    go to the game in advance
-    follow the recommendations and on-site instructions from the police officers who will coordinate the traffic around the arenas

1. public transport: 
Ostrava: trams from trains stations Ostrava hl.n. and Ostrava – Svinov, respectively from the city centre. The Ostrava transport will strengthen the connections after championship games. 
Trinec – it is recommended to come on foot from the train station / city centre. Ceske drahy (Czech Railways) will extraordinarily make some fast trains stop in Trinec. All information can be found in current schedule.
Schedule and connections on

2. buses
Parking lots for buses 
Ostrava: Na Obvodu street near Vítkovice Train Station, after the parking lot at the Jiriho z Podebrad will be full.
Trinec: Lesni street (the capacity is limited). The buses will not be allowed to enter the vicinity of the arenas.

3. cars
The number of parking spots near both arenas is limited. 
Ostrava: There are four parking lots in the vicinity of the Ostravar Arena (parking lots A and B near Ostravar Arena, parking lot of the Clarion Congress Hotel and parking lot across the road from Ostravar Arena in the Vitkovice a.s. site).
Another two parking lots are in walking distance –  near City Stadium and Faculty of Medicine 
All the parking lots in Ostrava are paid.
We strongly recommend to the fans not to come to the arenas by car, but to leave the vehicle at the peripheries and use the public transport. The situation around the arena can get complicated, especially if fans are coming to second game of the day it could cause a delay. 
Trinec: There are two parking lots at the Tyrsova street – near the ice stadium and near Stars restaurant, and one near the Municipal Office. 

4. taxi
Ostrava: there will be assigned taxi spots at Zavodni street
Trinec: parking lot near Dum deti a mladeze (Youth House)
We recommend to have cash to be able to pay

Safety information

Security measures are set with regard to the importance of the event and the number of fans in both arenas in order to ensure their maximum safety.

When entering the arenas, all visitors must pass a security check - frames and X-rays.

1. Tickets

2. Handbags, small bags, and children backpacks are allowed
The entrance to the arena is allowed with men’s handbag, ladies’ handbags, small children backpack, and with a crossbody bag. All other bags are considered oversized.
3. Drums and flags without handles are allowed
Drums and flags without handles are allowed up to 60x40 centimetres (must be X-rayed for inspection). 
A larger single-diaphragm drum is allowed, it can be visually inspected and must pass through the safety frame.
Flags must only be carried without the handle and/or telescopic rod. It cannot be bigger than 3x2 metres.
4 Pressure horns and vuvuzelas are forbidden
It is forbidden to bring food, alcoholic drinks, drugs, glass bottles, laptops, umbrellas, any means of transport including baby prams, perfumes and other flammable substances, laser pointers, compressed gasses, weapons, binoculars, audio/video recording devices, drones, and pets to the arenas. 
It is forbidden to smoke or hand out flyers in the arenas.
5. Cameras are allowed, telephoto lenses are forbidden
It is allowed to bring compact photo cameras to the arenas. Cameras with removable lenses are forbidden.
6. Deposit boxes for oversized and forbidden items
Ostrava: at the entrances from Závodní and Ruská streets
Třinec: at the entrance from Frýdecká street
Payment: only in cash, the price is  50 CZK or 2 EUR/item